Yoga Teacher Feature: Nessa Voto

Yoga Teacher Feature: Meet Vanessa Voto

⁠Vanessa is a CYT200 yoga teacher who teaches in-person at @hotasanahampstead and also offers online virtual yoga and meditation classes. {Click the link in her bio for more!}⁠

Vanessa’s favorite Asana: “Heart-openers/backbends are my absolute favorite!!! The beauty of these postures are in the transparency of your heart. No walls or barriers to protect or shelter it. Just offering it up to everything that is.”⁠

She started practicing yoga when she was about 15 years old and fell in love with the entirety of the practice. She fell even deeper when she found Hot Asana in 2017. She loved the physical aspect of yoga – losing herself in movement & always working towards finding new ways to bend or balance. Each time she has her hands or feet on the mat, its an instant connection to her deepest level of consciousness, vibrations and spiritual awareness. She chose to start teaching when she found that she could intertwine her passion for yoga & others into one entity. This practice brings peace, patience and overall contentment to everyone that tries it. It brings about this mind body connection that we dont always get to tune into in our day to day lives. Its like we leave a piece of something we brought with us on our mats through hard work, sweat, and release.

Vanessa attended Gypsea Yoga School in Uvita, Costa Rica in May of 2019 and acquired her 200 hour certification. If it wasnt for Courtney Fletcher, Amber Hagberg & Monica Pellegrino, & the wonderful human beings at Hot Asana who inspired her to teach, she wouldn’t be where she is today, physically, mentally or spiritually. All she hopes is that everyone finds that niche within themselves. Something that lights that fire within them; something that makes each person unique and true to who they are. She holds this practice near & dear to her heart & soul and couldn’t imagine her life any other way. 

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