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How CURCUMIN AND PHYTONUTRIENTS Support The 3 Phases of Healing After Injury

Phase 1: The First 12-72 Hours


When you get injured, your body’s protective reaction is to activate the defense response, inflammation. Your muscles also tend to tense up from the shock, making it an unpleasant first few days. To set the course for a smooth recovery, the goal in these 72 hours is to regulate inflammation and help calm your central nervous system. The combination of anti-oxidant and cooling ingredients in Curcumin Defense were blended to help do just that.

  • Curcumin compounds are the active ingredients in turmeric that have been clinically-shown to support a healthy inflammation response*. The curcumin in OmNourish is a patented form that has been combined with lipids to increase absorption and efficacy by at least 4 times*
  • Phytonutrient ingredients of ginger, barberry, Japanese knotweed, rosemary, and holy basil contain polyphenolic and anti-oxidant herbal compounds that help further promote and restore physiological balance*

Add OmNourish EXTRA MAGNESIUM electrolytes during these days to further support relaxation and calming of your central nervous system*

Phase Two: The 4-6 Weeks After Injury


The second phase of care is the where the majority of regeneration occurs, as your body utilizes nutrition to repair tissues, cells and collagen. By supporting a healthy inflammation response, your body can pour energy into the formation of new connective tissues, and find an easier path to restoring movement, joint function and the stability and balance to get you back on your mat..* Keep taking OmNourish Curcumin Defense twice a day, to help regulate inflammation, and eat a diet high in anti-inflammatory ingredients and plenty of protein to provide the building blocks for tissue repair. 

Phase 3: Ongoing Support


The third phase after injury is when you are most likely to forget that your body is still in a state of repair, because you are hopefully feeling a lot better. However, it’s important to remember that your body is still rebuilding tissue strength, health and integrity. During this phase your goal should be to maintain a regulated inflammation response, feed ongoing tissue health, and support joint fluidity. 

Take OmNourish Curcumin Defense and OmNourish Hydration Infusion to support your onward yoga journey on a daily basis.