STUDY: Hypohydration & Hot Yoga

re you practicing yoga under-hydrated? In a study of hot/hatha yogis, 3/4 yogis underestimated the amount of sweat they lost by almost half!

Published in the International Journal of Exercise Science, researchers studied real hatha yoga students in class and found:

+ Half the participants lost 1% -2% of of body mass fluids
+ 1/4 of individuals showed up for class in a ‘hypohydrated’ (under-hydrated) state
+ 67% underestimated how much sweat they lost
+ People underestimated sweat loss by 44%
+ Despite free access to fluids during the class, consumption was low

Researchers concluded that “education and PRE-exercise fluid recommendations are necessary for the importance of minimizing physiological consequences such as increase in core temperature and heart rate and reduced heat tolerance and sweat rate that can occur during activity due to dehydration.”*

The reason we sourced OmNourish electrolytes from natural mineral sea beds, and skipped the flavors and sugars, was so that you could add pure, potent electrolytes and ionic trace minerals to your water bottle BEFORE, during, and AFTER practice and all day without worrying about consuming sugars or coloring – and without a belly full of flavor when you start your asanas!

Hydrate and protect your practice by mineralizing, alkalizing and oxygenating your water. 

Nourish Your Yoga with OmNourish.

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