The Link Between Yoga & Trace Minerals (Hint: Calm)

OmNourish Hydration Infusion helps replace the minerals lost during the day – not just when you exercise, but also when you go into fight or flight mode at your desk (stress depletes minerals fast!), so it’s a natural fit. Stay hydrated and happy, folks! hy do yoga and trace minerals make a great calming combo? 💧🧘‍♂️ Many people are drawn to yoga for stress-relief, but don’t realize that if they’re deficient in trace minerals, they’re drawing on a scarce internal resource. Minerals are lost through electrolytes as sweat, depleted by daily bodily functions, and used up rapidly during stress. Trace mineral depletion shows up as tiredness, cramping, lack of fluidity in joints, and dehydration – because cells need the help of electrolytes to transport water into them. Stay mineralized to hydrate your practice.💧🧘‍♂️ To learn more and try OmNourish Hydration Infusion – with electrolytes and 72 trace minerals, go to: omnourish.com/hydrate-your-practice/

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