Yoga Teacher Feature: Radha Devi Om

Rashila (Radha Devi Om) is an Experienced 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Initiated and Certified by Swamiji Om Swami (India) and Sri Dharma Mittra (NYC). She continues to be guided and trained under her Gurus. Through her Guru Lineages and teachings, she has gained tremendous knowledge in Meditation, Mantra, Asana and Pranayama.

She has additional experience with the Sivananda practices as well as other Vinyasa styles. Her passion in the field of yoga takes her to constantly read, observe and practice with renowned Swami’s and Rishis in India as well as teachers close by so that her teachings are one of a classical authentic nature. Her own yoga journey started when she was a little girl. Being brought up in London into a household of staunch Lord Swaminarayan Hindu spiritual parents, Meditation and Bhakti yoga was already strongly embedded in her lifestyle.

Therefore, Mantra chanting, breath work and an astute focus on the Buddhi centre (3rd Eye) is very visible when you are on the mat with Rashila. Ahimsa, Love and Compassion sets the foundation for all her teachings. She is an avid animal lover and follows a vegetarian/vegan diet since her birth.

This is what you will see in her classes, the natural formation of breath and meditation along with a powerful asana practice. She will encourage you to push beyond your boundaries both physically and mentally so that you too can evolve into a place of “Supreme Connection to the Universe”. Raja Yoga and it’s 8 Limbs of Yoga is the method of her teachings.

Rashila wants to change her students lives to one of quality, humility and healing so that you, the student develops an all pervading awareness free from judgements and self pity. Yoga has proven to be a powerful tool that promotes human progress into self realisation. This is a tremendous benefit that yoga gives us. A life long lesson, not something achieved in a day or a year or decade. Let her classes lead you to the importance of why we need Yoga in our lives even more urgently in these modern times. A solid, ancient, time prevailed way of living now very, very present and made popular in the millennium era by the West!

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