Summer Bundle


Summer is here and we know you don’t want to go anywhere without your electrolytes and topical CBD roll-on, so we’ve created this special Summer Bundle with travel-friendly products to help you make it through the hot weeks head. Plus. we’re including a free bottle of Superfood Probiotics + Prebiotics to keep your gut zen and immunity supported on-the-go.

  • HYDRATION INFUSION ELECTROLYTES: Sea-Based Trace Minerals To Replenish Muscle, Cells & Fascia.*
  • FREEZE THERAPY CBD+: Cooling Relief Roll-On With Aloe, Menthol, Camphor & Essential Oils* 
  • SUPERFOOD PROBIOTICS + PREBIOTICS:A superior formula of 5 billion CFU probiotics and superfood prebiotics blended to help balance the digestive tract, increase micronutrient absorption, promote bowel regularity and support the brain-gut connection.*