How Electrolytes Support The Yoga Journey

Add OmNourish to your water or juice after yoga to accelerate the transportation of fluids, nutrients and oxygen to your fascia and cells to support recovery, mobility and stability.* 

OmNourish: Alkalize. Oxygenate. Mineralize. 

ACTIVATE. Your Natural Energy Systems.

Electrolytes are minerals in your blood and other fluids that conduct electric charges that help activate numerous functions in your body, such as: 

  • Distributing water through cells 
  • Delivering oxygen and nutrients to tissues 
  • Balancing pH levels and promoting alkalinity 
  • Transmitting nerve impulses through the Central Nervous System
  • Contracting and expanding muscles and preventing cramping 
  • Maintaining steady heart rate and rhythm

    REGULATE. Your Body Fluids & Hydration Levels.

    Whenever you move and generate body heat - whether in a heated room, such as in Bikram or Hot Yoga, or through a rigorous practice, such as Ashtanga or Power Yoga -  your body loses these important minerals in sweat.

    Your body relies on these minerals - including magnesium, chloride, sodium and potassium - to transport water to your cells, so replenishing them is key to supporting your body's hydration, recovery functions, and clearing out of lactic acid after exercise.* 



    RECOVER. From Dehydration & Cramping. 

    Hydration is key to supporting health and wellness. When you are dehydrated, and short of electrolytes needed to effectively utilize the liquids you consume, you may feel:  

    • Lightheadedness or headaches
    • Weaker energy after exercise
    • Thirsty or dehydrated even when drinking plenty of water
    • Muscle cramps or more stiff joints 
    • Fluid retention


    REPLENISH. Diets Deficient In Minerals. 

    The trace minerals that your body relies on to function optimally are in increasingly hard to find in modern diets, due to the decline of minerals in the soils that our fruits and vegetables are grown in. If you’ve ever drunk a lot of water and still felt dehydrated (and just peed a lot), you already know that there’s a difference between drinking water and absorbing those fluids into your cells and tissues. Adding electrolytes and trace minerals into your water is a direct route to restoring and supporting your body to stay in hydration.* 




    Balance. Your pH Levels.

    Likewise, if you eat an acid-forming diet, are under emotional stress, environmental toxic pressures or life stresses that deprive your cells of oxygens and other nutrients, your body will try to alkalize your system by using minerals in your bloodstream. If you aren’t absorbing enough of these important minerals from your diet (which is very hard in modern times!), and sweating many out during rigorous yoga practices and other workouts, a build of up acid in your cells can occur. Supporting your body by replenishing it with natural ionic minerals, without the junk colorings and sugars in other sports drinks, helps support an alkaline system, which fuels health and healing.*


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