“Body-builders have their own supplement lines, why can’t we?

Yogis face specific physical barriers and challenges as they ramp up their practice. The aim is to provide clean, plant- based, vegan nutrients rooted in science and incorporating Ayurvedic wisdom, to help modern yogis move through that journey. After all, the easier it is for us to get back on our mats, the happier and calmer we will all be.”


Welcome! I’m Nadia, Founder of the OmNourish vegan line from MicroNourish.

When I launched Micronutrient Solutions a few years ago, my aim was to help people achieve better mental balance, clarity, and calm by supplying the brain and gut with quality micronutrition.

But, micronutrients and yoga work in partnership to support balance from the inside out.

I personally practiced yoga for many years, working against trace mineral deficiencies. When I finally started absorbing quality micronutrients, it transformed my life. More focus, clarity and inner calm became my daily expectations – as did the the balanced energy that made getting on my mat easier. (I’m still working on the discipline part!)

When I attended a “nutrition for yogis” workshop by seasoned Ashtanga yogi Alexandra Santos at Miami Life Center, and found she was recommending products from different places because she didn’t have one central vegan brand she could trust, it was clear to me that yogis needed their own line – with clean, plant-based ingredients aligned with yogic values.

OmNourish was born that day. Targeted at the specific challenges yogis face.

Our goal at OmNourish is to use natural ingredients from plant- and sea-based nutrients, along with Ayurvedic botanicals to support yogis in overcoming the specific issues they face as they grow their practice – starting with dehydration, inflammation and recovery. 

What I wish all yogis knew. The link between yoga and trace mineral deficiencies.

Many people are drawn to yoga for the stress-relief benefits, but most don’t realize that if they are deficient in minerals and struggling against inflammation, they are using up their scarce internal resources each time they practice.

We deplete our mineral supply every day – through electrolytes as sweat, through normal bodily function, and particularly when stressed. This electrolyte and mineral depletion shows up as tiredness, cramping, lack of fluidity in joints, and dehydration (because cells need electrolytes to take the water in!)…. Likewise, inflammation shows up as lethargy, heavy joints and brain fog.

And missed practice!

How OmNourish can help you get back, and stay on, your mat.

With minerals declining in our food, with focus on the immune system right now, and with mental health issues related to nutritional deficiencies and inflamed systems on the rise, there has never been a more fitting moment to learn about the role that micronutrition plays on your inner ecosystem.

Join the OmNourish journey.

We are just getting started here and would love you to try our products, give us feedback, make suggestions, and join our community on Instagram @omnourish. I hope that our products will help catalyze you on your own journey to being the most centered, best version of you!


Nadia Tarazi, MBA, MA, CPCC, IIN


Nadia has an MBA from Columbia Business School & London Business School, an MA, Media & Communications, University of London, and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through The Coaches Training Institute, Certified Integrative Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, through the Neuro-Linguistic Programming Institute in the UK. She has also trained with the ADD Coach Academy in specific coaching strategies to improve focus and optimize productivity.

In addition to her formal education, Nadia has a passion for holistic approaches to healing and balance. She has completed a wide variety of trainings and courses, including, among others:

>   High-Performance Leadership & Personal Leadership, Columbia Business School
>   Non-Violent Communications, (NVC) Fundamentals, Center of NVC, New York
>   Organizational Relationships & Systems Coaching (ORSC) Fundamentals, CRR Global
>   Personal Trainer & Circuit-Training Certification, Kensington & Chelsea College, UK

>   Energy Medicine & Energy Clearing Workshops with Donna Eden, Jean Haner and Cyndi Dale 
>   Reiki I & II, Usui Reiki, Miami
>   BodyTalk System, Fundamentals, International BodyTalk Association, New York